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Roma, ti guardo dall’alto di monte Mario.

E’ vicino un tramonto calmo, rosa.

Il rumore del traffico rimbomba solo lontano…


Quanti turisti nei prati, nel caldo di luglio

Ora d’autunno contemplo l’assoluto deserto

Farei come le rondini, migrerei in Nord Africa


E mi sento, mi sento distante e mi sento straniera

E mi sento, mi sento distante e mi sento straniera

Ti amerei, ti amerei di piu’ se ti conoscessi di meno?


Qui quanti amori sui prati, in primavera

Non meno intenso mi pare Ottobre, il tuo mese

La solitudine, la tristezza, la mia speranza, la tua promessa.




                   Words & Music ® F Carosone 2006







In the second part a Yamaha piano comes out, old-style sound (not brilliant). I play it very entailed to the song mood, slow, almost late, but very calm I reach the bridge in sync. Isolated for you to hear:




The synth solo in the end is a beautiful leader of a Synth 1 preset from Ami Evans. After the last refrain, in the finale, it plays again a single note where you can catch its LFO-controlled evolving pattern:


finale-synth1 solo-LFO.mp3


Just later, the synthstring sound continues the dynamic mood of the synth solo. This time the evolving pattern is created by a sweeping frequency bandpass filter, automated within Sonar, that gives a charming scintillating sound:







List of instruments


Background voice add-overs;

Piano: Yamaha Clavinova;

Electric guitar: Fender Jaguar;

12-string guitars: Yamaha;

MIDI programming to Maz Vsampler for drums, nylon guitar;

MIDI programming to Cakewalk TTS for bass, synthstrings;

synth: Synth 1;

Audio samples of maracas, windchimes, North-african seashells.


Flavia Capodicasa: voice.


Mastered with Sonitus and Lexicon plug-ins in Sonar 4PE.




Download Software to replicate the candies


This is the incredible Synth1 VST plug-in in its 1.07 version (PC-only):




This is the soundbank from where I took the Lyrical leader preset (check for n.5), used in the synth solo. You fill also find a lot of useful other synth sounds in this bank:




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