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Daniel Lessig and Emily Richards, from California, join to my music with great words on government corruption, Constitution, republic, democracy, water. All this is my latest song, very political in a broad sense, my tribute to the big referendum Italy is going to vote on this subjects next June. It is featured in the player now!



A special week is going to be planned in March to record a couple of song of the forthcoming album at a seaside facility in Africa. I'm excited at this opportunity of having a great time in a sunny holiday place while playing music all night long, I'm also looking forward to see if this place will boost creativity.

My song "Thinkin' about it", with voice and words by Frankie Carter III, has been selected as "editor's pick" at ccmixter's musician website. This website has counted 3000+ sign-ups every year over the past 6 years, with 10-15 songs published every day. It's a special honour for me!

IN AND OUT , my latest album, is finally out. I am a little embarassed to call it "mine", however, since the whole album is co-written with Tamara Barnett-Herrin, the London-based singer who also wrote all lyrics and a good half of the melodies (and sung, of course!). Another essential contribute is from Andreas Jaeger guitars: he improvised all solos and played many rythmic guitar parts in the album.
With these two professional mates, I think production level has never been so high.

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 I keep only last year history in this site, you will forgive me I hope. 
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